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Concord Karate Academy is where students transform themselves through martial arts in Concord, New Hampshire. Our studio culture is rooted in hard work and self-improvement. We offer a variety of Kenpo Karate and education opportunities for every student to become the best version of themselves. We want to help students and adults excel in life by providing educational excellence and positive life lessons through martial arts instruction. Our primary goal for all of our students is to succeed in any endeavor. Join us today for constant and never-ending improvement!

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About Us:

The Concord Karate Academy team ensures students receive everything they need to succeed in their goals and training program. Our state-of-the-art facility provides students with a safe, clean space to learn American Kenpo Karate.

Whether you want to learn self-defense, make friends, or get off the couch to exercise, our instructors are here to help you reach your goals. For our school-aged students, we offer a unique curriculum that integrates karate with educational excellence and character development. The Academy program offers an assortment of STEM, world language, art, life skills and homework support, as well as a fully integrated karate program.

Our History:

Concord Karate Academy was opened by Sia Cote, and her husband Jason, in April of 2024, with the goal of helping students become the best version of themselves, by teaching Progressive Kenpo System karate (PKS).

PKS follows the teachings of Mr. Ed Parker, who is known as the father of American Kenpo Karate.

Mr. Parker developed a system that is based on the principles of situational awareness, stability, balance, coordination, power, flow, and timing. Following the natural geometry of the Universal Pattern and mathematics, Mr. Parker’s system teaches us the maximum application of our motion. These concepts and principles can be adapted for students to use based on their current situation. Principles are paramount over sequence. Mr. Parker’s dream was for a worldwide Kenpo Community that looks out for each other. Practitioners stay “one step ahead in the game” and focus on the principles of black belt: modesty, integrity, perseverance, self-control, and indomitable spirit.

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Our Team

Concord Karate Academy Our Team

Sia Cote

Studio Director & Senior Instructor

Mrs. Cote is the Studio Director and Senior Instructor here at CKS.

She’s been training for 14 years and is a 3rd degree black belt in Kenpo Karate.

She has a love of languages and has spent the last 21 years teaching French and Spanish in NH public schools.

Concord Karate Academy Our Team

Jason Cote

Studio Operations Director

Mr. Cote is the Studio Operations Director.

He’s been training for over 20 years in various arts and is a 2nd degree black belt in Kenpo Karate.

He is also an avid Scouter and has spent the last 25 years supporting NH youth.

Concord Karate Academy Our Team

Ana Cote

Assistant Instructor

Miss Ana has been training for 12 years and is a 3rd degree black belt in Kenpo Karate.

Like her mother, she has a love of languages and works hard to make sure that students have fun learning karate!

First Month Discount!

Embark on your martial arts journey with Concord Karate Academy and enjoy an exclusive first month discount!

Learn About Our Programs

PKS Kenpo Karate

Concord Karate Academy Children 3+

Children 3+

  • Little Ninjas (Pre-School)
  • Little Dragons (Kindergarten)
  • CKS Family Program (Grades 1-8):

CKS Child Programs are split into 3 age groups. The Little Ninjas learn listening skills, focus, coordination, confidence and respect through guided play. The Little Dragons build on the LN skills while adding in discipline, basic karate skills such as blocking, and knowing when to punch and kick.  CKS Family Program students will learn defense techniques, forms, with continued focus on skills learned in the earlier programs. Parents/guardians are ALWAYS encouraged to take class with their children and go through the same activities.  Families that train together, stay together!


Teens & Adults (~14+)

All students in this program will progress through ranks at an adult pace.

In this class, defense techniques will take place on one day, and forms will take place on a different day. Adult physical fitness, adaptation, situational awareness and understanding the motions and mechanics of American Kenpo Karate. This class is appropriate for all high school students, adults, and older adults. As in all of our programs, there is no high-intensity sparring, and focus is ALWAYS on safety!

Concord Karate Academy After School Program

After School Program

The Concord Karate Academy after-school program is available to school-aged children (K-8).  In this education-focused program, students will arrive at the Concord Karate Studio and be given a snack/drink and a short period to decompress from school, and then proceed into a full 45 minute Karate Class.  From there, students will work on special programming, which includes instruction in a world language (French/Spanish), life skills such as first aid and computer literacy.  Then students can work on homework until parent pick up.  It’s a full program designed to help kids focus and succeed in school.

Concord Karate Academy Karate Summer Camp

Karate Summer Camp

Each summer, Concord Karate Academy offers week long summer camps. These specialized karate camps will focus on fun! Activities include: karate classes, karate games, movie-time, siesta, and snacks. On Friday, participants will have a Pizza Party for lunch! Throughout the week will also be special activities and other surprises!

Download The Class Schedule!

Stay up to date on class times! Contact us if you have any questions about our classes.

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Concord Karate Academy offers martial arts training in Concord, NH and services the following additional towns: Bow, Chichester, Pembroke, Penacook, and beyond! Join us today in the Planet Fitness Plaza across from Lowe’s and Market Basket on Ft. Eddy Road!

Concord Karate Academy

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